Location and Practices


Our group meets regularly for practice on Sunday mornings at 10am. (please arrive a few minutes early if possible). We meet at 425 S Yale. All meetings are open to visitors, unless otherwise specified.  Chenrezik Sadhana is held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month and Shamatha (sitting meditation) is held on 2nd and 4th Sundays. On months with a 5th Sunday, Green Tara Sadhana may be practiced. Discussions generally follow after practice times. If you are new to Buddhism and/or to meditation, let us know before practice starts and we’d be glad to help you settle in! Post a message on our


    page or email us at ktcwichita@yahoo.com.

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Shamatha (sitting meditation)

Shamatha (or Shinay in Tibetan) is the basic meditation practice. It means “calm abiding”, and it involves letting the busy mind come to rest by focusing on an object such as the breath. As the mind becomes calm, it becomes free from negative emotions, and able to see more clearly. Other meditation practices may be introduced over time to enhance and deepen our practice, or to develop positive qualities such as wisdom, love and compassion. Anyone is welcome to learn and participate in this practice.

A good article on Shamatha (Shinay) meditation: Wisdom of Meditation


Chenrezig practice is an example of a Vajrayana practice that is a guided meditation involving visualization, chanting a mantra, and sometimes ritual practices. Through Vajrayana practice, we are attempting to temporarily shift from our ordinary view of self and world to a more enlightened perspective. Chenrezig is the Bodhisattva (enlightened being) of compassion, and this practice is particularly oriented towards enhancing one’s experience of compassion and love for all beings. Everyone is welcome to participate in this practice, though Refuge is required to learn the visualization.

An article written by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche about the Chenrezig practice.

Additional education and practice opportunities

Education at the KTC takes many forms. Different classes, discussions and forums are available throughout the year. If you have questions about the offerings listed below or about the schedule, please contact us for more information.
■Meditation instructions and an introduction to Buddhism, the Buddha, his teachings, and lineage, are provided by senior students upon request.
■Buddhist curriculum study classes are taught by senior students. These classes are open to all and provide a gradual, systematic approach to learning the Dharma. Classes cover Hinayana teachings and practice, Mahayana teachings and practice, Buddhist philosophy, and an introduction to Vajrayana.
■Book discussions of selected Dharma books are an ideal way to start learning about Buddhism, meet other members, and discuss how the teachings apply in life.
■Intermediate and advanced classes are also offered, but are restricted to people who are practicing ngondro or have met other prerequisites.
■Meditation workshops and retreats. Instruction in the major techniques practiced at our center is given regularly. Deepen your meditation experience through short retreats.
■Lama visits. We host visits by fully authorized Kagyu teachers at least once or twice a year.